Viessmann Boiler Reviews (2023): Detailed Buying Guide

There are lots of boiler manufacturers on the market but Viessmann’s is up there with the very best. Its combination of German engineering and reliability makes Viessmann boilers a big favourite with engineers and customers alike. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about Viessmann boilers to help you choose the right one.

Viessmann is one of the best known and best-regarded boiler manufacturers in the world. It is a market leader in Europe and it is quickly building a big reputation here in the UK too.

Viessmann stands for reliability and the very best of German engineering and it has a wide range of boilers that means you should have no trouble finding one that is right for your property.

Alongside the likes of Worcester Bosch, Viessmann is one of the boiler brands we recommend the highest. In this guide, we will explain why and tell you everything you need to know about Viessmann boilers, from details about the range, the warranties available, and the prices.

Viessmann Boiler Reviews: The How

Reviewing boilers is difficult. Different customers can have very different experiences with the same boiler. You can talk to engineers about their views, but these can also be skewed by the brands they are used to working with.

The best independent boiler reviews you can find online at the moment are in the annual Which? Best Boiler Brands survey.

If you are not familiar with Which?, it is the UK’s biggest consumer rights and research group. Its Best Boiler Brands survey reaches out to around 10,000 homeowners and landlords as well as 200 experienced heating engineers to gauge their thoughts and experiences on all the top boiler brands available in the UK that year.

In their most recent Best Boiler Brands survey, Viessmann’s performed particularly impressively. Some of the headline figures to emerge are:

  • Viessman Boilers were named ‘Most Reliable Boiler’ brand.
  • Viessman Boilers achieved a 5-star rating for both ‘Reliability’ and ‘Customer Satisfaction’
  • Viessman Boilers scored an overall review rating of 84%. This was achieved through a combination of reliability, customers scores, and engineer opinions.
  • More than 66% of Viessmann boiler owners said they would recommend a Viessmann boiler to a friend.

Which? Sets the standard by which the boiler industry is held to. As you can see, it rates Viessmann boilers particularly highly. The feedback we have received from readers and the gas engineers we work with also backs up the Which? findings.

How much does a Viessmann Boiler cost?

Price differential on all boilers can be pretty large and it is no different with Viessmann boilers. If you go out and get quotes from national installers, local installers, and online installers, you are likely to see very different prices for the same boiler.

The key thing to remember about Viessmann boilers is that they are a premium product. They contain top-quality engineering, high-end components, and they are built to last. This type of quality is inevitably reflected in the price.

But that is not to say that Viessmann boilers are always expensive. They have a range of models and some are more reasonably priced than others.

To get the best deal, we would recommend going online. Online installation sites like Heatable offer great deals on Viessmann boilers and they can bring the overall cost down below more average products from other manufacturers.

On Heatable right now, Viessmann boilers are available from as little as £1,670. For high-end German engineering from the Which?-approved most reliable boiler manufacturer, that represents amazing value for money.

Viessmann Boilers – Value for money

The phrase value for money is a crucial consideration when buying a new boiler. You shouldn’t just think about the upfront cost, but how much your boiler is going to cost for the duration of its lifespan.

If you buy a cheap boiler, you can end up spending more overall on repairs and replacement parts than you would if you buy a better-quality boiler. Viessmann boilers are not the cheapest on the market, but they are more reliable than most meaning they should save you money in the long run.

According to Which?, buying a more reliable boiler like as Viessmann can save you as much as £233 in repair bills over a 6-year period.

Then there is the question of warranty. If your boiler goes wrong under warranty, you can get it fixed for free. Short warranties tend to mean less reliable boilers. We will tell you more about Viessmann warranties below.

Viessmann Boilers – Installation Prices

The cost of installing a new boiler can vary quite a bit depending on the brand you have bought.

Viessmann boilers are a high-end product and installation costs with a local tradesperson are likely to be comparable with the likes of Worcester Bosch, Baxi, Ideal, and Vaillant.

For a basic 24kw combi-boiler, installation is likely to push your costs over the £2,000 mark. If you need a more powerful higher-kw boiler, this could go considerably higher.

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But if you opt for an online installation provider like Heatable you can keep these installation costs down. Heatable can offer you a Viessmann boiler for as little as £1,670. This includes a 10-year warranty which really is an amazing deal.

Viessmann Boiler Warranties

A key indicator of how reliable your boiler is likely to be and what its lifespan might be like is the length of warranty it offers. It is a terrific indicator of how highly the manufacturer rates their own product.

Most boiler manufacturers will have a range of boilers in different price brackets and typically, the warranty length will increase along with the price. In other words, the more you pay, the more reliably boiler you will get and therefore the longer the warranty too.

This is the same with Viessmann as every other major boiler manufacturer.

At the lower end of the scale, you may only get a 2-year warranty as standard. It is sometimes possible to extend this if you meet certain criteria or pay a little more.

In the mid-range price bracket, a Viessmann boiler will typically come with a 5-year warranty as standard and if you buy a high-end boiler you can sometimes get something longer.

Our advice with all boiler manufacturers, including Viessmann, is to get the longest warranty you can. A 2 or 3-year warranty is really not enough for a boiler. You should set a 5-year warranty as your minimum and ideally try to get more if you can.

Fortunately, there is a way to get the warranty on any Viessmann boiler extended to a huge 10-years. If you buy your Viessmann boiler through Heatable, you can get an extended 10-year warranty on many models.

Crucially, this extension is even available on some low-cost models which usually only come with a 2 or 3-year warranty as standard. You can an outline of the great warranty extensions you can get on Viessmann boilers on Heatable below:

Viessmann Boilers with extended warranties on Heatable?

Model Standard warranty Extended Heatable Warranty
Vitodens 050-W 3-year warranty 10-year warranty
Vitodens 100-W 5-year warranty 10-year warranty
Vitodens 111-W 5-year warranty 10-year warranty
Vitodens 200-W/222-F 3-year warranty 10-year warranty
Vitodens 242-F 2-year warranty 10-year warranty

What model of Viessmann boiler is best?

Picking out a single Viessmann boiler to recommend is almost impossible. Their ranges include a lot of great boilers but our gas engineer colleagues are of a view that it is the Vitodens’s range that is the best.

There are various models in this range and the ones they particularly highlight are:

  • Vitodens 200-W/222-F
  • Vitodens 111-W
  • Vitodens 100-W
  • Vitodens 050-W

All of these boilers are available through Heatable and all have their exclusive extended warranty included.

To get that extended warranty, you will need to make sure your boiler is installed by a Viessmann-trained engineer. By that, we mean they need to have been officially trained by the brand, no just have experience of fitting Viessmann boilers before.

What size Viessmann boiler should you choose

Viessmann manufacture boilers for large homes and small ones. They also have products for all sorts of different heating setups including options for gas, LPG, and oil-powered central heating systems.

Knowing the right size to choose is difficult for a layperson and it is best to get a qualified gas engineer to survey your home and make a recommendation.

Most small or regular-sized homes will be fine with a standard 25kw boiler. But if you have a bigger property, you might need a bigger boiler too.

Don’t be reluctant to get expert advice on this, because if you make the wrong decision it can cause all sorts of problems:

If you buy a boiler that’s too big…

… you won’t have any undue technical problems. But you will find that you have spent a lot more money than you need to on a new boiler and your utility bills could be higher than they need to be as well.

If you buy a boiler that’s too small…

… you are going to have all sorts of problems. You might find your radiators are not warming up, your hot water isn’t heating up enough, and because your boiler is having to work harder than it is designed to, it is likely to break down much faster too leaving you with big and unnecessary repair bills.

Even if you have to pay a bit more to get an engineer to advise you on size, it is worth the outlay.

Before You Buy – Compare Viessmann with Worcester Bosch

Viessmann boilers have a lot going for them. They are the biggest selling boiler brand in mainland Europe, feature top-quality German engineering, and have a great reputation for efficiency.

But they are not the only high-quality boiler brand that is available at competitive prices and with great warranty extensions. Heatable also offers terrific deals on a wide range of Worcester Bosch boilers too.

Most gas engineers would put Worcester Bosch at the top of the list of best boiler brands. They are a British-made and just as reliable and well-engineered as anything Viessmann has to offer. They also have other features that Viessmann don’t offer too, including a compact brand for smaller spaces.

While we have nothing bad to say about Viessmann boilers, and plenty to complement them over, we would recommend users take a look at the equivalent Worcester Bosch model too and make sure that one doesn’t fit their needs better.

Payment options

Viessmann boilers are great value for money, but for a lot of people, the price of any new boiler is expensive. Not everyone has the best part of two-grand lying around to buy a new boiler.

So what payment options are available for Viessmann boilers.

Firstly, be sure to get plenty of quotes. Go to the national and local installers and see how much they will charge, being careful to include all the cost for labour and any extra parts you might need as well as the boiler itself.

Then take a look at the online installers like Heatable too. They will usually undercut national and local installers on price.

You will then have two options. You can choose to pay on completion. That usually means paying the full price once your new boiler has been installed, but some installers may ask for a deposit in advance too.

Or you can look at buying a boiler on finance. A lot of companies offer finance packages on Viessmann boilers. You can find deals as low as £13 a month and a few even have 0%APR deals available as well.

Our research suggests that the prices for finance deals can also be found on Heatable too. They will give you a fixed-price quote in just a couple of minutes if you fill in their online form. You don’t even have to share any personal information with them.


Viessmann boilers have a lot going for them and hopefully, we have covered all the important points you need to know in this guide.

No matter which Viessmann boiler you choose, you won’t go far wrong. Heatable is the place to go for the best prices and we also suggest you take a quick look at the Worcester Bosch models while you are there too.

If you have any questions we haven’t tackled in this guide or if you want to share your thoughts and experiences with Viessmann boilers, feel free to do so by leaving a comment in the box below.

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